Your home should be a respite from the busyness and noise of the world — a calming cocoon where you’re free to be your truest self. Especially in times like these, the last thing you want is more stress in your sacred space. There’s already enough of that to go around.
Creating a calming environment to come home to doesn’t have to require major renovations or zen elevator music playing constantly in the background. A few small tweaks can up the serenity in your space and help you feel more at peace. Find a few of our top recommendations ahead!

Tip #1: Eliminate harsh light.

Harsh overhead lighting can trigger headaches, add stress, and make a home feel overexposed. Unless you like your house to feel like a squint-worthy hospital waiting room, it’s time to make a change. Before you swap every single LED bulb for a low-wattage yellow light, consider the lighting placement in the first place. Lamps and sconces can offer warm lighting at a more manageable level, and will even flatter your looks more! Use candles (battery-operated if you tend to be forgetful!) to create an ambiance that will lower your blood pressure and cozy up a room.
decorative mirror in office with lights

Tip #2: Purge and edit everything.

Feeling cramped can instantly zap any feeling of tranquility in your home. Step one: Declutter! Having less “stuff” and organizing what you do have can be the difference between chaos and calm. Don’t feel like you have to tackle your entire home in one stretch; take it one drawer at a time. If you’re not sure what you need, what you don’t, and what you simply want to have because it makes you smile, read more tips on striking the right balance between decor and clutter.

Tip #3: Incorporate mirrors into your decor.

If you’re thinking, “I can only declutter so much..” —we hear you! At the end of the day, you have to be able to live and function, which requires a certain amount of storage and stuff in your space. One way to hack your way to a less cramped home is to add mirrors. With thoughtful placement, mirrors can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and more put together.
Mirrors reflect light and spread it around a space, which can make a room feel lighter and airier — appealing results if you’re seeking calmness! Pro tip: Place a mirror directly across from a window to practically double the light in your space.
Ready to destress your space? Find a ready-to-hang decorative mirror that perfectly suits your home decor, or create your own custom solution with Add A Frame®.
two decorative mirrors in kitchen