Keeping your mirrors clean is an important step to maintaining their appearance over time — but how often is it really necessary? Answer: It depends.
Some mirrors in your home may only need attention every two or three weeks, while others — we’re looking at you, bathroom mirror — may get dirty more often. Here are a few scenarios to consider when setting up your mirror maintenance clean routine.

The Everyday Mess Mirror

Think about all the action a high-traffic bathroom mirror sees in just one day — from stray water droplets during hand and face washing, to toothpaste spittle, to aerosol products, to shower steam. It’s a lot! In this case, you may want to do spot cleaning throughout the week, followed by a thorough wipe down once a week.textured framed mirror in bathroom

The Full-Length Outfit Check Mirror

This is the type of mirror that you stand in front of every day before leaving the house. Occasionally you might lean in to check your teeth and maybe accidentally leave a fingerprint or two, but the general use is look-but-don’t-touch. Still, with a prominent place in your bedroom or hallway, this mirror sees a lot of use and could probably use a good biweekly cleaning. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t have young children who can reach the bottom of it … in that case, do whatever you can to keep up with the sticky fingerprints.

The Statement Décor Mirror

Prominently hung in your home, this mirror is a focal point in your décor. Let’s say this type of mirror is either a living room or entry way accent — while it may not see a lot of face-to-face interaction, you’re around it every day. Put this mirror on a biweekly cleaning schedule as well, which will be just the right amount of time to remove any dust that builds up.
round decorative mirror in entry way with flowers

The Rarely Used Accent Mirror

On the flip side, think about an accent mirror in a formal dining room that you only eat in for special occasions. Much more for show than use, this mirror can probably go a few weeks without needing a dusting. Depending on your cleaning preferences, you can probably even wait to tackle this task until you have a reason, like company coming over.
Keeping your mirrors clean is important for longevity and, in the case of mirrors in high-moisture areas (yep, we’re talking about you again, bathroom mirror), maintaining a clean routine can be key to preventing wear like desilvering.
So, go ahead and get those cleaning routines set on the calendar — your mirrors will thank you.
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