Decorating a small room or space can come along with a variety of constraints. Many times you’ll find it difficult to cram all of your style into such a limiting square footage, but this can be mitigated by making a few sound design choices. While there are endless elements to consider, it’s best to start with the basics.
  1. Enhancing and utilizing light.
  2. Opting for neutrals with pops of color.
  3. Creating eye-grabbing focal points.


mirrored coffee table

This set-up is a great example of small space design done right. Even if you don’t have a lot of windows (which in a small room is quite common), mirrors are an incredible way to capture light. While one might first think of mirrors for wall decor, this is far too limiting. Whether it’s a mirrored coffee table in your living room or a dresser in your bedroom, this little addition will bring light and reflection into your space.
By going with a neutral couch and pops of color in the pillows, this living room will have just enough personality without becoming overwhelming. By adding a few special touches to the coffee table, shells in this case, your eye is able to focus on something decorative rather than the small space at hand.
Happy decorating!