While wallpaper and ornate wall decor may harken back to the glory days of over-the-top florals, current trends are showing more and more detailed wall design. One of the greatest things about going with a patterned wall is that it allows you to keep your other decor items understated. Towels and shower curtains no longer need to be the stars of the show! What’s the key to keeping it stylish rather than tacky? Take a look at these elegantly decorated walls!
If you want to go for a more neutral color scheme, look to simple and delicate designs like these ostriches:
wallpaper with ostriches
Photo: Emily May
On the other hand, if you want to create a lush look, go for these deep green tones:
funky green bathroom wallpaper
Photo: charlotte holmes
If you’re not ready to commit to patterns, there’s still a way to add design to your walls. If you’re not ready for wallpaper, you may be ready for wall art. While the color palette stays muted, your eye still jumps to the unique shapes and distinguished style on these bathroom walls.
bathroom wall designs
Photo: MyWallArt
Take the leap and welcome a little pop of design in your bathroom!