In today’s post, we’re featuring our flagship product: Add A Frame®.
Our Add A Frame collection aims to easily and affordably give your bathroom a more finished, polished look. Rather than replacing your entire mirror — or worse: living with bare edges — Add A Frame simply attaches to your existing mirror. With adhesive backing and dimensions customized to your exact mirror specifications, you can change the entire look of your bathroom in minutes.
Of course, there’s more to our Add A Frames than how easy they are to install. They also come in more than 80 finishes, with styles ranging from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic, to ornate. Whatever type of style you’re trying to create with your blank canvas mirror, Add A Frame can create the near-effortless transition.
Plus, if you’re unsure about which frame to order, we’ll send you a sample so you can visualize the effect of adding a frame in person. You may even want to order several samples to test out different styles before you commit to a full frame.
Once you select your chosen finish, everything you need for installation will arrive with your customized and perfectly fitted frame. You’ll simply glue your frame corners together, add the assembly wedges to secure the corners, then use the corner guides to measure spacing for placing the adhesive-backed frame directly onto your mirror.
And trust us: this isn’t one of those home improvement projects that sounds easy and actually ends up taking weeks. In fact, we have hundreds of reviews from real customers that use the word “easy.” Here’s just a small sampling:
“We are delighted with the frames we purchased. They gave our bathrooms a much-needed facelift. They were also very easy to assemble and install.” – Tena H.
“Love this mirror frame! Installing it was pretty easy and it instantly added some elegance to my bathroom. It really makes the room feel complete.” – Nicole S.
“Taking the plain mirror from the original build and turning it in to a focus piece could not have been easier. Measure twice, wait for arrival, glue together and place on the mirror. Couldn’t be happier.” – Hilary K.
What can we say? Add A Frame is the product that made us, well, us. We’re pretty proud of it and we think you’ll like it, too.
Shop our Add A Frame collection to see for yourself.