Mirrors make great décor additions to just about any room of your home — from the living room, to the dining room, to the bedroom. Adding a mirror to a space instantly brightens it thanks to light reflecting off the surface. In fact, adding a mirror to a room can even help the room feel bigger.
However, choosing the right mirror shape for your space isn’t always as straightforward of a decision as you may think. Here are a few key factors you’ll need to consider when selecting your mirror shape:
  • Size. Consider what else is on the wall where you’ll be hanging your mirror. Ideally, you want to leave at least a foot of space above and below where you place your mirror. However, while you don’t want your mirror to look too big for the wall, you also don’t want it to look undersized for the wall.
  • Lines. If the majority of the furniture in your space is straight lined, a curved mirror can add some balance. Or, to elongate a space, choose a mirror with longer lines and a minimal frame.
  • Frame. Speaking of frames, they can make all the difference in how your mirror interacts visually with your space. Whether you go dramatic, heavy or minimal, your frame needs to speak to the overall décor and aesthetic of your room.
  • Style. A heavily gilded mirror may not look quite right in your modern contemporary living room. Make sure the style of the mirror you choose matches the existing style in the room where you wish to hang it.
While it can be intimidating to make a mirror the focal point of a wall, don’t shy away from using a mirror as a statement piece. In this case, large squares or long rectangles are your best bet. Round mirrors often work better as one part of a larger décor installation, like a gallery wall; however, the right sized round mirror can certainly hold its own as a statement piece.
Above all, it’s important to find a mirror shape that speaks to your style. If you love it, don’t worry too much about design rules — there’s a way to make it work.
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