Adding a plant to your bathroom can give it a fresh, spa-like ambiance, but not all plants grow well in bathroom conditions. With minimal natural light and high humidity from hot showers, it’s important to choose plants that are well suited for the constraints of the space.
And these eight plants won’t just simply stay alive in your bathroom — they’ll thrive in the unique environment and ideal conditions it provides.

Peace Lily
These hardy plants like humidity so much that one of their care recommendations is a daily misting. Luckily, a steamy shower should also do the trick.
Aloe Plant
Known as one of the most difficult plants to kill, you can even use the gel to moisturize dry skin or tend to a number of ailments.
English Ivy
Named in NASA’s Clean Air Study, English Ivy can actually help reduce mold in your home, making it the perfect choice for bathroom décor.
Not only are orchids an elegant decorating choice, but their low watering needs and love of humidity makes for a great combination. Look at what a nice pop of color this pink orchid provides against the dark wood of the bathroom mirror frame.

Snake Plant
Another plant that helps filter toxins, snake plants are ideal for small countertops because they grow up, not out. Plus, as a bonus, they couldn’t be easier to take care of — requiring only minimal, infrequent watering.
Spider Plants
If your bathroom counter space is really at a premium, consider hanging a spider plant from the ceiling. These space-saving plants do well in a range of conditions and are very low maintenance.
Since bamboo requires very little natural light, the bathroom is the perfect place to put it. If you find your bamboo is growing too quickly for the size of your space, try shaping it down or placing it under a shelf to stunt growth.
The higher the humidity, the better this plant grows. Its ideal growing temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees so the steam from your shower will be more than welcome.
Just like framing a mirror, adding a plant provides that little something extra that can elevate your décor from bland to sophisticated. By decorating your bathroom with plants that thrive in tropical conditions, you can enjoy the natural beauty of humidity-loving plants year round.
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