From autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, to winter and Christmas decorations, keeping your home décor festive throughout the holiday season can be overwhelming and exhausting. Rather than go through a complete overhaul each month from October to December, utilize décor items that easily transition between seasons. You can keep your home feeling celebratory for the rest of the year — without exerting any unnecessary effort.
Here are five quick tips for seamlessly transitioning your décor throughout the holiday season:

Keep the “Bones” the Same
To create a perfect mantle or centerpiece that works for both fall and winter holidays, invest in staple pieces that can easily be filled with festive fare. For instance, hurricane vases, lanterns or glass cylinders can stay year round, but the contents can easily change. For Thanksgiving, fill your containers with small artificial gourds and squashes. For Christmas, use ornaments or greenery. The “bones” of the display stay the same, while a quick redo of the fillings completely changes the mood.
Craft Reversible Signs
No one would ever know if the backside of your “Happy Thanksgiving” sign said “Merry Christmas.” By creating decorations that do double duty, you can literally flip the switch on the seasons with barely any effort at all.
Choose Multipurpose Accents
Many of the colors we accentuate in the fall can easily be utilized for winter and holiday décor as well. For instance, this blogger swears by red berry branches to get her through Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season, with only making slight changes to her display as the weeks go by. Deep reds and golds can serve both holidays — just add a little greenery and your fall display can instantly get in the Christmas spirit.
Add Lights
Regardless of how a space is decorated, simply adding string lights to a doorway, stair railing, foliage display or even as decorative trim for bathroom mirrors instantly creates a cozy, Christmas-y feel. Short strands of lights are easy to put up and can completely transform the ambiance of a room.
Keep It Simple
When in doubt, don’t go all out. Small changes — like switching up the wreath on your door, putting out festive hand towels, or adding a seasonal throw pillow to your couch — can make a big difference and require minimal effort.
Above all, remember: holiday decorating is supposed to be fun, not stressful. By embracing small, transitional changes, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time preparing for them.
What are your best holiday decorating tips? Share in the comments below.