Monochromatic rooms are certainly having a moment. Creative and colorful, this bold decor decision seems to stem directly from high-fashion runways. Painting a wall can feel a bit more permanent than trying on a tone-on-tone skirt set though — and it’s more time consuming too. Before you take the plunge, check out a few of our favorite iterations of the monochromatic room trend.
green monochromatic room

Source: Modsy

Tip #1: Use several shades of the same color.

This gives the elevated feel of a monochromatic palette while offering a little visual variation. Use one “main” staple — like the wall color — as your base, then keep it all in the color family. If you’re in the bedroom, a duvet or fun framed print are easily swappable additions that can help you achieve the look without spending a ton of money. In the bathroom, new colored towels or a custom framed mirror in a perfectly picked frame finish can accomplish the same thing. 

Tip #2: When using an abundance of the same color, vary up the textures.

This keeps a room from feeling flat and uninteresting. For example, polished gray checkered tiles can pair well with a textured gray wallpaper and a nickel decorative mirror. It’s all about giving the space a layered, nuanced look — even when the color palette doesn’t change.
gray dark monochromatic room
Source: Sydesign Pty Ltd

Tip #3: Don’t let monochromatic cross the line into monotony. 

Choose a few focal features so that the eye is drawn in and given a resting place. One great way to achieve this is to install a pair of wow-worthy mirrors in a strong contrasting color. For example, this all-navy bathroom looks extra chic thanks to the pop from the gold decorative mirror. It helps the room feel centered and grounded, without taking away from the artsy fun of the color choice. Another effective way to break up a space of sameness is to incorporate a lush, green plant. (Artificial is fine — we say go faux it!)
At the end of the day, a monochromatic room doesn’t have to be dramatic — it can be a subtle style choice that simply layers a well-coordinated color palette. (But by all means, if you do go for something more dramatic, we’d love to see pictures!)
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