Mirror, mirror, on the wall, where should you go and about how tall? Mirrors come in handy for both practical use and stylish flair — but thoughtful placement throughout your home is a key step in making the most of them. Here’s what you should consider when deciding where to place your mirror:

What is your goal for the mirror?

  • Are you looking for a stylish focal point for the room?
When you enter a room, your eye automatically looks for something to settle on. A mirror can be a beautiful way to ground a space and draw the eye in. If your goal is to have the mirror be the main focal point of the room, try going one size up from what you think you need.
  • Are you trying to make a room seem bigger?
Mirrors are an effective way to expand a small space (or at least give that illusion) — so don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small room! A floor mirror or prominently placed decorative mirror can add depth and dimension where you need it most.
  • Are you just interested in the decor aspect?

Although mirrors are useful, you may simply want one in a room purely for the aesthetics! A well-made mirror can add intrigue and beauty to your interior design, especially if it’s customized for your space. Our Custom Framed Mirrors are available in 80+ frame styles and finishes, so you can create one that’s tailor-made for your room.

decorative mirror

What’s in the reflection?

Ideally, mirrors in your home will be placed to maximize the impact of an architectural element or attractive design detail. You want your mirrors to reflect a favorite piece of art, a window full of sunshine, or an interesting arched doorway — not your piles of laundry, clutter, or dirty dishes.

For example, skip the mirror on the wall directly across from your entryway table that serves as a drop zone for backpacks and purses. After all, the last thing you want to do is double the clutter in your home! Instead, imagine your mirror as its own piece of art and have it across from a lush plant, a unique print, or a statement chandelier.

Is it facing a window or light source?

Because they reflect light, mirrors are one way to instantly add brightness and space to a room. If you have a dark corner or a strangely shaped, dim hallway, a custom mirror may be just what you need to add life to the space. Luckily, with our option for custom frames, even the most unorthodox spaces can have a mirror!

decorative mirror with lamp

How high do you want your mirror?

Mirrors should be hung about eye level. Too high, and they’ll awkwardly reflect your blank ceiling. Too low, and passersby will get a glimpse of themselves from a less-than-flattering angle. Even though it’s tempting to hang a mirror high above the mantle, avoid this — at least part of the mirror should be eye level.
Now that you know where to place your mirror, all that’s left to do is find the perfect one for your decor style. Whether your taste leans toward farmhouse, mid-century modern, traditionally ornate or industrial, we have something to suit your style. Shop the entire range, or Add A Frame® to upgrade one you currently have. Get started now!