Stanton (Gold) Sample


Stanton Collection: Metal Framed Mirrors in Gold Finish

Experience Luxury with a Touch of Glamour: Introducing the Gold Finish of the Stanton Collection at This mirror, proudly crafted in the USA, boasts a rich metallic gold tone that adds a luxurious touch to any room. The subtle dark brushing gives it a unique, handmade appeal, perfect for enhancing the decor with a bright and glamorous look.

Why the Gold Finish is Unique:

  • Bright and Glamorous: The reflective, rich metallic gold tone is complemented by subtle dark brushing, adding depth and a vintage appeal.
  • Safety and Quality: Equipped with a specialized safety backing, this mirror prioritizes your well-being by preventing serious harm from glass fragments.
  • Effortless Installation: Featuring our user-friendly single-point hanging bracket system, it simplifies the installation process, enabling you to easily transform your space.
  • Perfect for Every Space: Approved for use in high-moisture areas and supplied with all necessary hardware, this mirror is designed to add elegance and style to any part of your home.

Elevate your decor with the Stanton Collection in Gold Finish—a symbol of sophistication and timeless luxury.


The gold finish is bright and glamorous. The rich metallic gold tone is reflective and features subtle dark brushing which gives the frames a handmade touch. More ornate frame styles have added depth and vintage appeal. This finish coordinates well with other gold or brass tones, especially those that are polished and antiqued.